it’s not normal, and it’s not ok

i went to my graduate coordinator yesterday and outlined what’s been happening in my lab. and she was appalled. and she believed me – i didn’t realize how used to my concerns being dismissed until she agreed that my work has been sabotaged, and agreed that i shouldn’t feel safe in the lab, and actually understood that what i was telling her was beyond unacceptable.

i almost cried, it was such a relief to be taken seriously.

i’m leaving my lab. i’m staying in the department – but looking for a new home. because there’s a shitstorm brewing, and its directed at my PI. the graduate coordinator is going to wait until i’m settled in my new lab and have informed my PI that i left (he’s out of town on yet another vacation) before the fury is unleashed.

she’s promised that it will not become a department soap opera, but that things will be handled – and that things for me may get worse before they get better, as the postdoc may lose his job (which could lead to him coming completely unhinged and assaulting god only knows who). but she made it very clear that i am not admitting defeat in leaving the lab. that i chose this battle and i chose well.

let’s hope that the lab i’m interested in has the funding to take me.



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3 responses to “it’s not normal, and it’s not ok

  1. good news…. yes, likely to be a bit rough through spring, but when the snow starts to melt, my hope is that the gnarly, smelly mess will be behind you!

  2. you and me both! i just hate waiting to hear about funding. at least my #1 back up choice has already cleared room for me in their lab.

  3. G Eagle Esq

    Mlle Petit=Poisson

    My Lady

    I hope things go well with you

    Alles Gute

    G E

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