pretentious mac snob

there is a long-standing tradition of harassment in our lab, whereby our PI is a hardcore mac user, and the bulk of the lab technicians and postdoc live for PC. any time a mac crashes in the lab, the PC users cheer. anytime the PC in the seminar room crashes, our PI cheers. there’s a lot of trash talking, and i try to stay out of it. i ended up with my very own personal macbook pro purely by chance, mostly because i caved to some illogical peer pressure. the thing is, i love my mac – but i’m also fluent in PC. each has it’s pros and cons, and is adapted to do different things.

but ohmygod i love the software that comes out for mac. love. love. love. if i could take it to bed, i would.

first off, there’s omnifocus.

i just started messing with it… all of last night. and i’m a smitten kitten. sure, all i know how to do is make to-do lists (which you can do through a keyboard shortcut – you don’t even have to go into the program!) and take “clippings” from documents and webpages and insert them into the program. but i know the possibilities are endless. and it syncs with my ipod touch (after shelling out the software for it). but here’s the thing – are you involved in academia in ANY way? yes? use your .edu email address and get some ridiculous amount off (i think it’s 40%). suddenly omnifocus is reasonable for a graduate student.

there’s actually a whole suite of omni software – and i’m itching to try it all – i just don’t need it. yet.





then? there’s papers. papers lets me place all of my .pdf files into its little repository (which is actually on my hard drive) and i can open and access them on an itunes-like interface. oh, and take notes, highlight, etc – all sorts of crazy stuff.

and i can sync up my papers to my ipod touch. which is great, fantastic, and brilliant.


i geek out over very few things, but these are two software programs i’m not entirely sure that i could live without. ever. you will pry them from my cold, dead hands.

and that, my friends, is why i’m a mac user. but i’m trying not to be a snob.




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4 responses to “pretentious mac snob

  1. macs are luscious, no doubt… i’ve just adopted the ‘disposable $500 laptop’ approach to personal computing… can get a cheapass box that lasts 18 months… forces me to manage my backups because i know it will crash someday.

    tempted to mac out, though… just for the reasons you list…

    • ooooh…. that’s a tough call! i’ve been thinking of actually getting a ‘disposable’ laptop to carry around with me, and just keeping my mac as my work computer…. it does have some nice, shiny, features!

  2. I’m in the process of changing my previous laptop to an Ubuntu box. I seem to have picked up a very nasty and persistent trojan on this unit and it has finally pushed me over the edge with regard to windoze exploits! So, brain willing, linux here I come.

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