the surface or bust!

it’s been a looong, busy couple of weeks.  i’ve been scrambling to catch up in real life, and have, and am now working to get caught up in this cyber-reality.  a lot of you have really interesting things going on in your posts, and i’m itching to get out there and start commenting.  mwahahahaha.

here’s a quick re-cap of my time away, important because it’s potential fodder for future posts:

1) the one ‘nearest and dearest to my heart’ came to town, things fell into place, and we played ‘tourists’ for a week.  it was fantastic, and i’m off to nyc for a week over winter break.  this has been 10 years in the making, and i’m thrilled.  apparently new years eve will involve climbing up a fire escape to watch fireworks from the rooftop.

2) i’m waiting on test results to find out if i have celiac disease.  if i don’t have celiac disease, then i have a relatively severe gluten allergy.  the difference between the two being that celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, and eating gluten will continue to destroy my intestinal lining.  if it’s simply a gluten allergy, i can eat gluten if i want, but will have to suffer the consequences.  as such, i’ve been on a low-gluten diet for the last week, and feel great.  i just need to know how vigilant i need to be regarding gluten consumption.

3) i had my first committee meeting regarding my current research.  and it went extremely well – i have great committee members who get along well when in a room together, and provided critical insights and suggestions that will help push my work forward and get it out of the rut that it’s been in for the last few months.

4) i’m turning into a miss smarty-pants.  as in being ‘that kid’ in my classes, bringing up alternative viewpoints, pointing out data discrepancies, and trying to engage people in intelligent discussion.  my professors seem amused at least.  for me it’s a milestone because i’m finally able to start integrating the ‘big picture’ between all my studies and interests – from chemistry and physics to molecular biology and neuroscience.  it feels fantastic.

5) i have been running like a fool, and am at the point where my maintenance runs are 3 miles – which i can run no sweat.  fabulous.  i’ve also dropped 15 pounds, and am fitting into clothes for the first time in three years (yeah, i’ve kept a bunch of them around).  i also bought a bunch of clothes online, ordering size M sweaters and tops – and was beyond thrilled that all items fit and looked good.

6) life is slowly evolving for me, and i haven’t made it out into the mountains due to the snow that’s been falling for the last week.  i’ve got plans and ambitions for the coming months, though.  here’s to seeing them materialize!

also, my new camera arrived, and i love it.  pictures of my hometown tourist days to follow!



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4 responses to “the surface or bust!

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  2. woo hoo! you are rockin’ the house, sister! feels good, doesn’t it?

  3. Good to see you back – sounds like a great couple of weeks. Except for the gluten problems –

  4. daisyfae – it sure does! i’m a little behind on a few items, but the deadlines are months from now, so i’m hardly worried

    archie – it’s great to be back. the up side to the whole gluten thing is that it might resolve my lactose intolerance. helllooooo cheese and ice cream!

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