hello? little fish? are you there?



i have been swimming in my own metaphorical puddle of self-involvement.  last thursday i gave a 90 minute lecture on a week’s notice covering topics that i am only lightly familiar with (but received laudatory praise from the prof), and tomorrow the person nearest and dearest to my heart arrives in town – for our first meeting in over 6 years… it’s thrilling and fantastic and oh so incredibly stressful to balance his visit with school and work.

speaking of which, i am apparently to have a “dissertation outline” thoroughly researched, drafted, and placed on the PI’s desk by tuesday at noon.  this would be the same dissertation i’ve been asking for guidance on, and been told “don’t worry – you’ve got time!”.  and i do – a whole three days.  fan-friggin’-tastic.

in exciting news, i finally went out and bought my very own shiny new camera (to replace the one that the despicable post-doc will not return).  i tried to buy local, but after completely selling me on the canon powershot SX20 they then informed me that it would be about two weeks before the camera was in stock.  unfortunately, that would not help me with my impending trip to yellowstone national park, and i had to instead purchase from a big online retailer.  regardless, i am looking forward to breaking this little baby in, and may even start partaking in photo shoot fridays!


i miss you all, and i’m loving keeping up with your blog posts – i will resurface soon, oh so soon, i promise!



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3 responses to “hello? little fish? are you there?

  1. Why re-surface? I have found it is quite enough to keep swimming madly just to stay in place. Three days to complete a dissertation sounds like it will turn out as a very focussed and to-the-point result. Pity really, often it is the side-tracks which are the most fun in science 🙂

  2. G Eagle Esq

    The Lady Petit-Poisson

    My Lady

    Improving the understanding of your Professors is a noble, albeit not-always rewarding challenge

    We trust that you have had an enjoyable & intellectually profitable weekend putting the finishing touches (inter alia) to your Outline

    I flatter myself that I agree with the outRAGEously witty Monsieur AerChie on so many things (especially his Jokes)

    ….. apart of course on whether Tasmania should be towed westwards and sunk to form a Breakwater for Perth Harbour

    …. or perhaps on whether the kindly Mr Howard should become Prime Minister of Western Australia

    BUT there are intellectual limitations in his DARWINIAN question “WHY”

    As to re=surfacing, having (allegedly) evolved so as to lose the ability to breathe water, a Whale or a Philosopher might logically ask “WHY NOT”

    I think he means focuSed – apparently it’s because even in the AntiPodes, the evolution of English has imposed the stress to be placed on the first syllable, rather than on the 2nd syllable …..

    Like M. AerChie, I remain your Ladyship’s obedient servant etc

    G E

  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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