mission statements

are for the weak.  and the corporate.

i’ve got about a thousand different blog posts competing for attention, all trapped inside my cranial cavity just begging to be let loose and put on paper out into the giant blagosphere for the world wide web to ponder.  but that’s for a later date.

right now, the blog is up and running and (oh-so-slowly) moving in its new direction.  and you’ll see that all of the old posts have gone the way of the dinosaurs for three reasons:

1) i’m hearing increasingly worrisome stories of grad students whose PI’s have found and been reading their student’s blogs – without the student’s knowing.  i live in fear of my PI finding the blog i used to have – mostly because i embrace hyperbole and generally only write about the lab when i’m pissed about this, that, or the other.

2) i’m a graduate student at a relatively small university, in a very small department.  one slip, and comments i’ve made eluding to people i work with could be misinterpreted and hurt a lot of feelings.  science being the small world that it is, it could also hurt my career.

3) the direction of this blog inherently means that there’s no way around giving up my personal identity.

so little fish (formerly known as daisymae – and still known as daisymae if you’re a blogspot.com user) what is the direction of this here plot of internet real estate?

i have decided to climb mountains.

let me be clear – i have always climbed mountains, but never with intent.  now that i live in montana, surrounded by literally thousands of mountains to climb – i find myself drawn to them, compelled to push my limits in order to reach the summit and safely descend.  i see pictures from the himalayas and i get hungry to climb them one day.  i love the feel of the rock beneath my fingers, and i even like pulling on the rain gear and trudging through the clouds on a bid for the summit.

but i’m in graduate school, and i work for a PI with very high expectations.  i might even have higher expectations for myself.

so this blog is about my life – and finding that balance between climbing mountains and getting through graduate school (its own metaphorical mountain).  in the next few weeks i’ll be buying my first digital camera and starting to document my endeavors.  but i want this blog to be more than trip reports and statistics – i want it to be about the exploration of humanity and struggle and the thrill of living a full life.

in the words of grant herman: if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.



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3 responses to “mission statements

  1. love the grant herman quote… sums up my approach quite nicely. and i love the pursuit of the mountain! a professional colleague set out to climb kilamanjaro last spring (2008) and completed the summit in November 2009. said he just wanted to see if he could do it – including all the study, training, preparation, gear assembly, as well as personal strength…

    go get ’em! i’ll be cheering you onward!

  2. kilamanjaro would be an amazing climb! congrats to your friend. right now my sights are modest – the local climbs and mountains, and perhaps the ‘highest 41 peaks of montana’, just for something to do. right now the focus is that damn personal physical strength. i still can’t do a full, proper push-up.

  3. Thats very good to know… thanks

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